University of Tartu - Laboratory of Physics of Nanostructures/Intelligent Materials and Systems Laboratory

Laboratory of Physics of Nanostructuresof Institute of Physics of University of Tartu has focused its research on nanopowders, nanoporous or nanocomposite materials, optical nanofibers, nanoparticles, carbon-based nanomaterials, nanotribology and lately also nanosafety issues. Members of laboratory take part in several EU finaced projects. The laboratory is a member of “Mesosystems - Theory and Applications Centre of Excellence” (, a centre of excellence awarded a long-term governmental grant in 2011.

The laboratory excels in applied research and is actively transferring technologies from lab to private companies as an active collaborator of the Estonian Nanotechnology Competence Centre (ENCC) since 2004. Members of the laboratory are co-inventors of 8 active patents, some of which have been licensed to Estonian SMEs.

Many Lab members have performed several public lectures and practical works in schools.

Intelligent Materials and Systems Laboratory ( an interdisciplinary research group established in 2003 in University of Tartu, Institute of Technology.

Their goal is, by bringing together knowledge from diverse fields of expertise, to develop new materials and their control and applications. Exploitation of innovative materials will in turn permit building devices, different and in many ways superior to conventional machines.

Their main research activity is focusing on development and exploitation of ion-conducting polymers and their composites, often referred to as artificial muscles.

In this project, the UT has the role of the teacher education partner and of the Nano Lab in Estonia.