Quantum SpinOff European final – 12 May 2015

On 5 May 2015, the four winning classes of the four national Quantum SpinOff competitions presented their work to an international jury of experts. This event was organized via streaming. This was an exciting experience for the participating students which had the possibility to present their work in English, like real researchers, and to learn about the work done in other countries. 
The pupils of the class 6F of Sint-Bavohumanioria in Gent (Belgium) won the first prize of the Quantum SpinOff European final, with their innovative idea, the “Li-ionbike”.
These are the orther classes that participated in the international contest:
- The pupils of The Gifted and Talented Development Centre, University of Tartu, Estonia, with their work on Nanoparticle based band-aid acting like skin.
- The students from Laimos, Florina, Greece, with their company Nanomedicine S.A.
- The pupils of Gymnasium Köniz-Lerbermatt, Berne, Switzerland with their solar clock based on Grätzel cells and utilised integrated colored LEDs.
One prize in the form of laboratory equipment for the school was awarded to each participating class.




SpinOff day in Estonia: The Gifted and Talented Development Centre wins the Estonian contest with "Nano-Skin " - 23 April 2015

The pupils of The Gifted and Talented Development Centre, University of Tartu, won the SpinOff competition in Estonia with their work on Nanoparticle based band-aid acting like skin (a nanotechnological product used for regenerative medicine).

Six classes presented their projects during the National SpinOff final that took place on 23 April 2015 at the Institute of Education of the University of Tartu. The participating classes  presented projects ranging between: clock of artificial muscle, oil with nano particles to the bicycle, implantation for teethes, nano electric generator, making energy from waste water, thorium as a fuel in the nuclear power plant.

A diploma and a book about physics were awarded to all participating students. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd classes were awarded coupons of different amounts to buy experimental material for their school.  


SpinOff day in Greece: High School of Laimos in Prespes wins the Greek contest with "Nanomedicine S.A." - 27 April 2015

The students from Laimos, Florina won the Greek national contest with their company Nanomedicine S.A., a pharmaceutical company that produces magnetic nanoparticles to be aqpplied in magnetic hyperthermia treatments of cancer. The winning class visited a multitude of research centres in Thessaloniki and Athens to speak with researchers and decide on the specific uses of the produced nanoparticles. They will go on to represent Greece in the European Final of Quantum Spinoff held on 12 May 2015.

All the teams that participated in the SpinOff day, held at the Hellenic Research Foundation, presented very interesting products and ideas ranging from nanosensors that check the health of citrus trees to contact lenses that use nanoparticles to check the levels of insulin in the blood of diabetics. Click on the images below to see what happened during the Greek SpinOff day. 



SpinOff day in Belgium: Sint-Bavohumanioria Gent wins with the project “Li-ionbike” – 27 April 2015

The pupils of the class 6F of Sint-Bavohumanioria in Gent (Belgium) won the first prize of the Quantum SpinOff competition, which took place in Imec Leuven on 27 April 2015. Their innovative idea, the “Li-ionbike”, consists in a package offered to companies including a set of electric bicycles – working with Lithium ion battery - for their employees. The package also includes a unique system of battery-automats, where empty batteries can be exchanged with charged ones. The whole idea stimulates a healthy and ecological way of going to work. The first prize was handed over by Mr. Eugenio Delfino, project manager at the European Commission - Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

The other prizes were assigned to:

- Second prize: Technisch Heilig-Hartinstituut TessenderloSensopack Solar

- Third prize: Virga Jessecollege HasseltCelergy Sail

- Prize from the public: Heilig-Hart&College Halle (6WeWi6) – AMOMAP

All prizes consisted in interesting experimental material for the school laboratory. All participating students were assigned a "laureate" diploma and some gadgets, like a spectrometer in cardboard to observe light spectra.

Geert Houben, CEO at Cubigo, gave an inspiring presentation for the participating pupils (and for all the public). He also handed over the prize from the public.




Competition in Switzerland: Gymnasium Köniz-Lerbermatt wins - 23 March 2015

The first prize for best presentation on Spin-Off Day was given to Gymnasium Köniz-Lerbermatt (Berne) and the class of Irma Mgeladze. The subject of their presentation was a solar clock that was based on Grätzel cells and utilised integrated colored LEDs. The solar clock was designed to be hung up on a wall, i.e. in the class room. The jury was well convinced by the students’ working process. The students elaborated to the jury on how they applied and modified the technology, in particular with how they could build and improve the solar clock. The class plans to further improve their solar clock for the final presentation in the European final, which for this the jury wishes Gymnasium Köniz-Lerbermatt the best of luck!


Quantum SpinOff Facebook page created - 28 October 2014

A Facebook page dedicated to the Quantum SpinOff project has been created. If you are interested in following all the activities concerning the contest and the project please follow the link or click on the image on the left side. 

Quantum SpinOff Facebook Page




Quantum SpinOff wins European Scientix Resources Award  -  26 October 2014

During the 2nd Scientix Conference in Brussels, 24-26 October 2014, The Quantum SpinOff project has been awarded the 1st Scientix Resources Award Category 2, STEM teaching material specifically addressed to students. The award has been assigned to "Learning Station II: What is light?", in the presence of Dr. Maria Korda, Policy Officer at the Research and Innovation DG of the European Commission. Read more...