The Quantum SpinOff contest started in Belgium with the SpinUp day on 30 september 2014, in IMEC Leuven. During this event the project was presented to the 15 participating classes, which could meet for the first time “their researcher” and discuss with him/her the scientific paper. Pupils and their teachers also had the opportunity to visit to the Cleanroom at IMEC and listen to a presentation of the business model canvas given by an expert in the field. 
After this event the classes started to work with the learning stations in the class. They also had the opportunity to visit the laboratory of University of Antwerp, where they could make hands-on experiments related to the subjects of the learning stations: observing the discrete emission lines of elements, measuring the Planck constant with LEDs, measuring the thickness of an air by using diffraction of light...
In February the pupils studied again their scientific paper and in a second meeting with the researcher they could ask further questions. This meeting was organized, when possible, together with the visit to a company active in the sector studied by the pupils. 
Based on these inspiring activities, the pupils started developing their own product or service, related to the subject they had been studying. They also developed a Business Model Canvas related to their product. 
In view of the preparation for the SpinOff day, the pupils presented their work in one or two other classes of their school: they acted this way as “ambassadors” of the project.
On 27 April 2015 the participating classes presented their work to the other participants and to a jury of experts during the SpinOff day, in IMEC
The pupils of the winning class, 6F of Sint-Bavohumanioria in Gent, had the opportunity to present their work in English during the European final on 5 May 2015.